Team Boring Sunshine Project

Good Day! Fellow Runners & Friends!
If you have unused Singlets and other Clothes in mint condition? Any spare  Blankets? Want to donate Dry Goods and personal Hygiene Items?




Join us as we gather donations for displaced families brought about by the recent flooding . All donations will be turned over to Angel Brigade for distribution. You may course your donations thru the following TEAM BORING members near you.

Quezon City – Juvy Pagtalunan (0915) 879 7765

Fort Area/BGC – Mccoy Lontoc (0922) 867 9924

Makati City – Ronnie Provido (0917) 525 7855

Pasay City – Maxell Flores (0917) 798 0610

Manila – Jeremi Gutierrez (0917) 662 0762

Paranaque/Southern Area – Kokoy Delmo (0917) 558 0940


(AUGUST 17, 2012)



Respect the Distance (Marathon versus Ultramarathon)

My journey for 1 year and 8 months, i already achieve 3 Marathons and 3 Ultramarathons. as for my ultimate goal will be happening on March 2-3, 2013 the 5th Bataan Death March 102km.


Marathon (42.195 km)

35th Manila Milo Marathon Elimination 2011

Condura Skyway Marathon 2012 Run for the Mangroves

36th Manila Milo Marathon Elimination 2012



1st FrontRunner The Valley Trail Challenge 2011 (57km)

2nd PAU Tagaytay to Nasugbu 2011 (50km)

2nd FrontRunner The Valley Trail Challenge 2012 (54km)


tied at 3-3


at first i didn’t see myself to take the challenge of long distance running, i myself say that “only crazy people will run that far beyond 42km??”, and for that i can say that “i’m crazy enough to take the challenge” 😀


both event category is not a joke, you need to prepare and train well, and always remember whether it’s a Marathon or Ultramarathon always “Respect the Distance”.

Tiny versus FrontRunner Trail Ultra

First of all i would like to thank my dear God in guiding and helping me to finish this race! and i learn a lot! so this is my story!

Last year June 18, 2011 i ran my 1st UltraMarathon event organized by FrontRunner Magazine Sir Jonel Mendoza (Race Director) The Valley Trail Challenge, i was in 50km+7km category and it took me 10 hours and 5 mins, sadly i was behind for the scheduled cut-off time which is 10 hours.

with Sir Jonel (FrontRunner Race Director) last year

i said to myself i will run this event next year! 1-0 in favor of Sir Jonel!

After a year Front Runner announced the schedule of the “2nd The Valley Trail Challenge” and it will be held on July1, 2012. so this is my “REMATCH” although this route covers 50km+3km not the 50+7km. but it’s fine because we all know there was something fun and exciting will about to happen 😀

map route for the 50+3km runners

We arrived at the starting area around 4am in order to check-in and for the race briefing. all is well see familiar faces it was just like a crib party at Nuvali’s Clubhouse. seeing old and new faces in ultra running community! we say our hi and hello’s, everybody was in high spirit! and met my friends from Team Boring  and Team MOA

Team Boring and Team MOA peeps

as we gather in the clubhouse sir Jonel was about to start the opening prayer and race briefing, but wait there is still more the RD announce the extra freebies for 25km and 50km category which is additional 3kms and additional 1hr cut-off time.

Sir Jonel says “extra freebies ha! sa ibang race 750php na yan, sa akin libre lang” =)) ayus!

so to speak we are about to start the race! last minute checks for our gears and stuff and took pictures before we go to the designated starting line.

left to right: alex, jerome, daphne, frio and me

with brother Kim Maurice Flores (1st attempt to ultra distance) congrats bro! 🙂

50km runners at the starting line! 😀

at exactly 5 am the trail party has begun! for atleast  10kms i was in the zone because the route is the same as last year, but the difference is last night it rained so hard! so the trail route is full of slippery mud, and small ponds which caused my shoes to get heavier and heavier. but it didn’t bother me i feel i was like a surfer!! =))

until we reach our first aid station at km5 i just replenish my hydration then off i go, until i reach the 2nd trail route going to 2nd aid station at km 10, at this point i wasn’t aware that my cellphone was accidentally dropped along the route until i realized that my phone was lost because i will call my girlfriend to say hi, and i suddenly stopped checked my bag but my phone wasn’t there luckily i bring two cellphone at that time, i dialled my lost phone number then it ringed then a guy with a panting voice answered “Hello??” i replied “sir salamat, pakibigay na lang po sa race director mamaya” he replied “tawagan mo na lang ako mamaya”, at that time i was relieved and i was able to be back on track then started to run, knowing that i will still be able to get my phone i thank to that guy i didn’t remember his name but i owe you bigtime!

my cellphone savior! (i owe you bigtime) he’s running the 25km+++ category congrats! cheers!

at that point i was able to run again, reaching the 10km mark i was still in good shape but the slippery mud was dragging me to slow down, i was walking all the uphills and running all the downhills just save my muscles and time, i was still in my expected time.

at New Zealand (madaming baka sa lugar na to) around 16kms on my watch and the scenery is very awesome

I’ve met new and old friends along the route we greeted and exchange some motivations, we even laugh while running, so i continued to pace myself with a new friend from UST Mountaineering (with the walk uphill/run downhill method ), we chat a little exchanged experiences from last year Nuvali Trail, just to forget the HOT SUN is rising up already and ready to beat us up! 😀 we pace each other until KM25, then i decided to slow down and said i will join him later.

along KM22 i think! 😀 (the sun is beating us up)

But to tell you the truth i was in midst of not “FINISHING THE RACE” and want to call it off, i don’t know the reason but at that point i just want to finish the 1st loop then that’s it. i was at KM27 when i hit that major wall! :))

When i was about to finish the 1st loop which is 31kms, i see that our car was already there, that means our mom and dad was there to boost us up! so frankly speaking the word “DNF” was gone and head towards the clubhouse to finish the 1st loop, at 5hours 20mins (i was still in good time)

it’s CHICKEN ADOBO!!! (mama and daddy salamat sa pagasikaso) it just took 3mins for the entire meal! =))

from left to right: Ruth, Gab and Cindy 🙂 cheers!

after i ate that chicken adobo with rice i’d still have 4hours and 30mins to finish this, so i repacked my supplies get two powerade and replenish my 500ml icecold water, then i go to Sir Jonel and ask how many more kilometers for the 2nd loop and he answered “20kms to go dalian mo” hahaha,

So my 2nd loop has began i started to walk due too my full stomach! me and one of Team MOA fighter Elaine Yabut was with me and we pace each other for atleast 4kms along the route we saw Alex Virtucio also one of Team MOA fighter.

At this moment the sun was already at it’s peak to beat us up! the weather was totally hot and humid, my shoes are full of mud and my feet are soaking wet, at the 5km aid station i rejoined my familiar buddies in the 1st loop and also Sir Jeje of Team Intensity, for the entire route we pace each other we just walk, walk, walk, walk and walk, it’s just to hot then we even stop at some point when there are shaded trees, and if there’s a simple gust of wind and some cloud shades i really thank the Lord, for almost 3hours we where thinking if there’s a turn around point or what because we just tackling the same road, at KM42 i just gobbled 3 to 4 cups of water and we rested a bit at the aid station, then we decided to continue our journey. this was a never ending tall grass, mud and scorching heat.

as we reached KM44 there was a support crew bringing ice and cold water! they  were at the right time when we it at most! thanks! 🙂 from there Sir Jeje was already ahead of me and i can’t keep up anymore so i decided to walk as fast as i could, so i walk, walk, walk again, walk slow, slower and slower. until i hit again the WALL at KILOMETER 50 at this point i just sat down under the tree and make a call to my girlfriend that i’m tired (how stupid i am) hahaha then she give me encouregement and rest for a bit then finish it, i say goodbye to her and i thank her, then i call my mom to ask if my brother already crossed the finish line she replied “oo, nandito na siya, kaya mo yan anak, aantayin ka namin dito” that was the best moment to save me from hitting the wall, the she gave it to my brother “kuya konti na lang yan 3kms na lang” so i stood up to regain my pride thanks to my family and friends for believing in me, i started to walk the last 3KMs for the 1.5KM i call my friend Vivian Cerrer to pick my bag because i already see the clubhouse, so they hurriedly go to my place then i get my bag. and then i started to run to seal my victory and meet my family and friends at the finish line.

a few meters to the finish line!

a little bit more!!!!!

touchdown! thanks to god!

me and RD Jonel Mendoza! salamat papi!

just do it! 😀

i crossed the finish line behind schedule, i learned a lot of things for this event,

don’t doubt yourself, learn to trust yourself

it’s not about me, IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS

at this moment the battle between FrontRunner Trail Ultra VS Tiny is 2-0 in favor of RD Jonel Mendoza. haha

looking forward to our 3rd Match next year!

have a blessed day!



  1. To be eligible for the contest, individuals must be registered to join the Anson’s Fun in the Sun Run 2012 for 3K, 5K, 10K or 16K races.
  2. 2.They should have already claimed their official race number from any of the registration outlets.
  3. 3.They should “LIKE” the “Anson’s Fun in the Sun Run” Facebook page.
  4. 4.Individuals should take their most creative shot embodying the theme, “FUN IN THE SUN” while wearing their registered Race Number
  5. 5.Individuals should post their photos on the Anson’s Fun in the Sun Run FB page.
  6. 6.There will be 3 WINNERS for the theme contest and shall be considered the Top 3 People‘s Choice Awardees
  7. 7.To win in the People’s Choice Category, individuals with the most number of “LIKES” by 11:59 PM, Saturday, May 26 will be the chosen as the People’s Choice Awardees.
  8. 8.They should be wearing their theme costume on the event day to be able to claim their prize.
  9. 9.Individuals must be present to claim the prize.
  10. 10.All photos submitted shall be the exclusive property of Anson’s Emporium and its race organizer. Individuals agree to its posting online, in print or other media for purposes of marketing, promotions and other related events
  11. Top 3 Winners will receive a PHILIPS GO GEAR SA3RGA04KS (4GB).


Anson’s Fun in the Sun Run 2012

May 27, 2012

Venice Plaza, McKinley Hill


Event Distance:

  • 3km – Fun Run
  • 5km – Fun Run
  • 10km – (Extreme Run)
  • 16km – (Extreme Run)

What is Extreme Run

  • is 3.84km run inside the McKinley Hill parking building. It is incorporated in 10km and 16km route.

Registration Fee:



3K (FUN)


5 + 1 FREE

25+ PAX (logo printed on singlet)


5K (FUN)


5 + 1 FREE

25+ PAX (logo printed on singlet)




5 + 1 FREE

25+ PAX (logo printed on singlet)




5 + 1 FREE

25+ PAX (logo printed on singlet)


Where to Register:
  • Anson’s – Pasong Tam0
  • Anson’s – The Link Makati
  • Anson’s – The Landmark Trinoma
  • Anson’s – Cash & Carry
  • ROX – Bonifacio High Street
  • A Runner’s Circle – Roxas Blvd. cor Quirino
Race Map / Info:
  • Racebib
  • D-tag by STRIDER
  • Event Shirt
  • Medal
  • Race Map


  • 1 Macbook Air 11″
  • 1 Mac Mini
  • 1 iPad 16gb wifi
  • 2 iPod Touch 8gb
  • 1 iPod Touch 32gb
  • 2 iPod Shuffle
  • 4 iPod Nano 8gb
  • 1 iPod Nano 16gb


thanks to Coach Mar for giving me the opportunity to attend the blogger’s night! cheers!


Lace Up for Anika Run for a Hearty Cause

May 26, 2012

SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

A ‘unity run’ organized by Team Breathe Hope along with Breathe Hope Runners to help save a toddler’s heart and give her a brighter life.

Anika, now 5 years old, is a baby girl who has a single ventricle loosely translates to having a HALF HEART. For further details, here is her medical condition:

The 2d echo showed that she had a Single Ventricle defect (basically half a heart), a rare type of CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) with other heart defects such as:

Single Ventricle – A complex heart defect that results in one of the heart’s pumping chambers (ventricles) being underdeveloped.

Dextrocardia – is a congenital defect in which the heart is situated on the right side of the body; a otherwise harmless condition. Or refers to the heart being a mirror image situated on the right side.

Pulmonary Valve Atresia –She has a small pulmonary artery. Blood can’t flow from the right ventricle into the pulmonary artery and on to the lungs so low-oxygen (bluish) blood mixes with the oxygen-rich (red) blood in the left atrium.

Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) – also known as a “hole in the heart”. Is a congenital heart defect in which the wall that separates the upper heart chambers (atria) does not close completely.”

With this, we organized a unity run for Anika’s heart. A fee of 200 will bring BIG changes in her life. Lending a hand couldn’t be this fulfilling! 😀

If you want to help her live a better life, come & run for her!

Event Distance:

  • 3KM
  • 6KM
 Registration Fee:
  • 3KM – Php 200.00
  • 6KM – Php 200.00

Where to Register:

  • On site Registration will start @ 4am

Race Map / Info:

Contact Person: